Technical assistance

In case of any doubts regarding the installation or use of Rebeltec products, please ask questions via the form in the CONTACT tab.

Below is a list of the most common issues and answers on how to deal with them:

1. The mouse, keyboard, or other USB device does not work when idle or after hibernation.

It happens that USB devices such as a mouse or keyboard do not work after a period of inactivity, hibernation or system sleep. This is because Windows is in power saving mode and turns off USB ports when idle.

In the above case, it is best to check and change the power management settings of your operating system. In Windows 7, this is done as follows:

Control panel> power options> change plan settings (for the currently selected power plan)> Change advanced power settings> USB settings> USB selective suspend setting> set to: Disabled

2. Wireless mouse or keyboard not working, losing range, skipping, not smooth.

The most common cause of such behavior in equipment operating on radio frequencies 2.4 GHz is:

  • low battery or exhausted battery
  • device not turned on with ON / OFF switch
  • decrease in signal strength between the receiver and device, often caused by interference from other devices or objects (e.g. desk, wall). It is recommended (in home or office conditions) to place the device in relation to the receiver at a distance of up to 5 m and full visibility (no other objects between the device and the receiver)
  • not functional or disconnected USB port

3. USB speakers are not working

You must first check if the connection is correct. The following conditions should also be met:

  • 3.5mm mini jack should be connected to the sound source and receive a sound signal (the sound source device cannot be muted)
  • the USB connector should be connected to the USB port (speaker power)
  • the volume knob on the loudspeaker should not be set to the minimum and maximum levels (preferably set slightly above the minimum)