Files to download

ACTIVE A47 armband (phone max 14.0 x 8.1 cm)

AUDIOFEEL black headset with microphone

BALDUR gaming headset

Bicycle / motorcycle holder for smartphones M40 BIKE

BigFONT backlit keyboard

Bluetooth headset VIRAL

Bluetooth speaker BLASTER ORANGE

BOLT Bluetooth sports earbuds

Car holder for tablets M60 2in1

Car smartphone holder M30

Car smartphone holder M50

Car smartphone holder M55

CITY BLACK headphones with microphone

CITY BLUE headphones with microphone

CITY RED headphones with microphone

CITY WHITE headphones with microphone

COBRA gaming mouse

COMET black wireless optical mouse

COMET blue wireless optical mouse

COMET wireless optical mouse red

CORFU bluetooth speaker

CRYSTAL BLACK bluetooth headset

CRYSTAL RED bluetooth headset

CRYSTAL WHITE bluetooth headset

DESTROYER gaming mouse

DIABLO gaming mouse

DISCOVERY 2 metal gaming keyboard

FALCON gaming mouse

FIDE headphones with microphone

Galaxy black / red wireless optical mouse

Galaxy black / silver wireless optical mouse

Galaxy blue / black wireless optical mouse

Gaming mouse NEON

GAMMA optical mouse

GHOST gaming mouse

Headset with microphone AUDIOFEEL red

Headset with microphone AUDIOFEEL white

HUNTER 2 gaming mouse

IMAGINE bluetooth headset

IMPERATOR aluminum mechanical keyboard

Induction charger + alarm clock QI Rebeltec W500 10W

Induction charger + QI keyboard and mouse pad Rebeltec W400 10W

Induction charger + QI lamp Rebeltec W600 10W black

Induction charger + QI lamp Rebeltec W600 10W white

LIBERATOR aluminum mechanical keyboard

LIVE HD 720p webcam

M20 car holder for smartphones

MAGICO BLACK headphones

MAGICO BLUE headphones

MAGICO WHITE headphones

METEOR blue wireless optical mouse

METEOR silver wireless optical mouse

METEOR wireless optical mouse red

MONTANA BLACK headphones with a microphone

MONTANA BLUE headset with a microphone

MONTANA WHITE headset with a microphone

Mouse + pad for RED DRAGON players

Mouse pad + Slider LONG + keyboard

MOZART bluetooth headset

Multimedia POP 2.0 speakers

NEON gaming keyboard

PartyBox 400 bluetooth speaker

Planet 190 beige bluetooth speaker

Planet 190 black bluetooth speaker

Power bank P10 (10 000mAh 10W)

Power bank P10 LCDPD (10,000mAh PD 22.5W)

Power bank P20 (20 000mAh 10W)

Power bank P20 LCDPD (20,000mAh 22.5W)

Power bank P30 (30 000mAh 10W)

Power bank P30 LCDPD (30,000mAh 22.5W)

PREDATOR gaming mouse

PULSAR RED bluetooth headset

PULSAR WHITE bluetooth headset

PUNISHER 2 gaming mouse

QI wireless charger + car holder C15

Rebeltec A10 Turbo QC3.0 car charger

Rebeltec A20 High Speed DUAL car charger


Rebeltec W200 10W High Speed QI induction charger

Rebeltec W210 15W High Speed black induction charger QI

Rebeltec W210 15W High Speed white QI induction charger

REBELTEC WAVE bluetooth headset

REVOL 1x4pin mini jack headphones with microphone

REVOLUTION bluetooth speaker

ROCK 2.1 multimedia speaker

RODOS bluetooth speaker

ROHAN 2x mini jack headphones with microphone

SCORPIO gaming mouse

Set for players OPPRESSOR

Set for players SHERMAN 4in1e

SIMSON keyboard + mouse set

Slider LONG LED RGB mouse pad with a HUB

Slider M + mouse pad

Slider M LED RGB mouse pad

Slider S + mouse pad

Slider S mouse pad

SOLIDERO keyboard

SoundBOX 320 bluetooth speaker

SoundBOX 340 bluetooth speaker

SoundBOX 350 bluetooth speaker

SoundBOX 390 bluetooth speaker

SoundBOX 400 bluetooth speaker

SoundBOX 420 bluetooth speaker

SoundBOX 440 bluetooth speaker

SoundBOX 465 bluetooth speaker

SoundBOX 480 bluetooth speaker

SoundBOX 630 bluetooth speaker

SoundClock 120 bluetooth speaker with alarm clock

SoundTUBE 190 BLACK bluetooth speaker

SoundTUBE 190 CAMO bluetooth speaker

Stage 180 bluetooth speaker

Stage 300 bluetooth speaker

STAR black wireless optical mouse

STAR SILVER wireless optical mouse

The set for players INTERCEPTOR 2

THOR 7.1 gaming headset

TITAN 400 computer power supply

TITAN 450 computer power supply

TITAN 500 computer power supply

TITAN 600 computer power supply

TITAN 700 computer power supply

TRANSFORMER gaming mouse

UNO computer keyboard

USB BLAZER optical mouse

USB DUKE optical mouse

USB WOLF optical mouse

VELA bluetooth headpset

VISION webcam

VORTEX wireless keyboard + mouse set

Wall charger Rebeltec H100 TURBO QC3.0

Wall charger Rebeltec H150 TURBO PD20W type-C

wall charger Rebeltec H200 TURBO QC3.0 + PD20W (USB + type-C)

Wall charger Rebeltec H410 TURBO QC3.0 4 ports

WARRIOR gaming keyboard

WHITERUN wireless keyboard + mouse set

Wireless ergonomic ERGO RF mouse

Wireless keyboard + mouse set MILLENIUM

Wireless keyboard + PURE mouse set

Wireless MAXIM set