About us

Rebeltec is focused on providing high-quality products.

Rebeltec is made up of enthusiasts with knowledge and many years of experience in the IT industry. Our potential allows us to meet the expectations of our contractors very well. We create a dynamic company that quickly adjusts its offer to the changing market.

We focus on providing high-quality products that are in line with the latest market trends. We build our market position on solid foundations, such as reliability, fair partnership approach to cooperation, direct and strong relationships with Business Partners.

We know very well that time is money and we are able to meet the expectations of our Business Partners faster than others.

We conduct research and take part in many initiatives to constantly develop our industry and help society. We are constantly looking for opportunities to develop technologies and products that will have a greater impact on the comfort and efficiency of work of users who use Rebeltec products in everyday life.


Our company supports pro-ecological activities aimed at environmental protection. While improving the economy of the offered products, we remember that the changes should not only lead to the improvement of the company's results, but also contribute to the protection of the natural environment. The priority in our activities has become to care for the natural environment in which we live and work. Rebeltec is environmentally friendly.

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    We are entered in the register of the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection under the number E0019760W.
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    Acting in accordance with the provisions of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act , we have signed an agreement with the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recovery Organization Elektro-System S. A. for the collection of electronic equipment. How do I safely dispose of my old equipment?

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    Acting in accordance with the provisions of the Act on recovery and recycling of packaging and post-consumer waste , we have signed a contract with Pro-Ekol Organizacja Odzysku S. A.

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    In addition, we finance public educational campaigns in the field of handling waste electrical and electronic equipment as well as recovery and recycling of packaging